Astaxanthin is a red-ish carotenoid pigment found in sea life, especially microalgea, shrimp, and salmon. Since it is a carotenoid it has properties that mimic vitamin A, and just like vitamin A it is an antioxidant.

The health benefits of astaxanthin include: improved heart health, healthier skin, and relieving joint pain. Scientists, statisticians and other researchers are looking into whether or not it lowers the risk of cancer.


Astaxanthin's antioxidant properties are the source of many of the health benefits that are linked to astaxanthin. Astaxanthin has been linked to lower inflammation, improved cardiovascular function, and a reduction in free radical activity.


The powerful antioxidant properties of astaxanthin has lead researchers to include astaxanthin in cancer studies. The results are already promising, showing reductions in cancer. Future studies are pending.


Researchers have observed improvements in fatigue reduction, while observing participants performing exercises.

Joint Health

Astaxanthin has been used to treat joint pain and chronic joint diseases. The results are promising but mixed.

Astaxanthin has been linked to a reduction in joint inflammation.


Scientist have observed increases in the ease of blood flow in participants who take astaxanthin.

Researchers have been studying the effects of astaxanthin on the hearts of rats. Improvements have been observed in the elasticity and thickness of the heart's walls in rats.

astaxanthin Hair

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